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I Am Human Card game

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I am Human is a card game that was started in the summer of  2020. the original idea was to get a crash course on game design, however, the design-led down an interesting path as it also started to focus on new ideas that helped with my thesis. 

The game's narrative focuses on the aspect of trust.

The original idea behind developing this game was o make something that could be played over applications like zoom, or Facebook message. so people could play games with each other safely.

However, over the course of designing the game, it has become a new source for the Thesis concept. the game centered on topics of isolation, trust, and labels. It asked players to go into a scenario blindly hoping they can make a good gut decision.


From this project, I learned that I wanted to make games that tackled harder topics, painful ones. As I worked on this game it was pointed out to me that I was using words that were used against me as a child, as a creator I was working through some issues in my work, and from that it created, what I feel is deeper work. 



the design of the original game was centered around making this feel quickly drawn out and haphazard like people were in danger. However, over time and refinement, the art changed to better suit the narrative and mechanics.

Here's the games design documentation

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