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Catacombs is a progressively generated dungeon crawler game.

The overarching narrative of the game was that you were a soul trapped in limbo surrounded by ghosts keeping you from passing on.

It is your goal to slaw them and makes your way to the very top where you will be allowed to pass on.

The game was developed in collaboration between three people with varied backgrounds in game design. Two of which had extensive knowledge in coding and one of which (myself) was more adept at design. 

through this project, I was able to work in a collaborative setting and design 3D spaces that needed to work modularly. while the narrative was originally pitched by me, the design work I focused on was environmental design. working on everything from props to music to bouns assets.

the goal of this project was to understand how to best work in an environment where coding was the main priority. I myself was able to work on some aspects of the game's code. (buffs and sound design) as well as applying custom shaders to backgrounds.

It was up to me to design:

3D spaces that had a functional collision

animated bonus items

and destructable boxes

on top of those objectives I was also in charge of making sure each aspect was fully rendered by the the end of the project.

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