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Schooling is a game developed by my associate Heran Zhou. the main goal of the game was to developed a game that would allow the player to achieve a state of relaxation as they traversed the underwater levels developed by Heran.

I was asked to participate in the design of these games a little bit later on after his initial start and was mailing in charge of developing art assets for his levels.

However, I saw that I was able to assist him in the development a bit more by helping him understand how to better utilize the software he was using at the time (Unity).

This brief experience did help me gauge what it feels like to come into a project while it's already been worked on to a sizable degree, my input whole largely aesthetic, needed to correlate with the designer's vision and applied with their software. If there was something that I saw that could make the task easier for them I'd state the potential solution while also generating a demo to explain how to best implement it.

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