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1.28.22- Vertical Slice

New Direction and focus

While working on my new direction I found it's actually really fun figuring out how one can even develop a floor map of a space. taking a snippet from one specific point and blowing it up you begin to look into the nitty-gritty of a space. where should I place things so that the player has the freedom to maneuver, but knows the right direction to move?

photo credit Matthew sean murphy developer of The Stanley Parable


moving from loose ideas to finished product you can see the level of information that has to be considered when conveying where you need things to be. That being said if you're working on your own, you can do pretty much anything. But I'm choosing the former. The structure of labeling everything out and defining the accessible points of a room suit a team better. not only that but it ensures that down the line one can look at the map and say, "I need these specific assets to be available at these specific times." while 3D a can be utilized to test out how someone can maneuver a space.

Production notes

After meeting with Scott something I failed to notice in my flow sprung up and a lot of things clicked afterward.

you need to consider the context of the space your grant your player. How does a space function for them? what queues are handed to them? and without being promoted what will they explore?

my initial designs focused too much on giving players freedom in a space that it made it easy for a narrative to become nonlinear if a player wasn't on some kind of track. and altering the context of a space like a home, it's hard to make it feel believable when you want a player to move.

Moving forward

Moving forward I plan to finalize this layout and talk things over with Scott as I finalize the other room, while simultaneously working on the white box in unity for the first room.

Thesis Writing

my thesis at this point has had to be restructured but thanks to actively engaging in the practice of level design I have a lot of fresh information.

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