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Year 2, week 26=7 4/18/21 - "it's sad"

Current thesis thoughts:

My brain shifted to only focusing on the outcome and not why I do things. While that's not really conducive to bettering my thesis argument. I need my game to be done. I'll analyze my decisions later.

that was the thought I had when working on the last touches of my game to make sure everything was functioning at the end. and I got there! I think there's something to be said when entering a flow in design but honestly, I just wish I had more time. not because it would look better but because I could get more input. but then again I had a whole semester on this. I think maybe I just like knowing I can make something at my leisure.

Media list:

I was looking over the letters I wrote my friend as a matter of coping. the final scene has excerpts from those letters. and I filled in what I think my friend would have said to me. minus one or two hecks.


final feedback notes,

  • "The game feels complete but I wouldn't call it a game" feedback

  • "I would call it a game, I really like the characters"

  • The music is so good! I there are just some parts where the transitions aren't my favorite.

Work was done and Choices made:

I mean this is it, the end of the project. the stuff I made was finalized and I have a lot to look over as a post mortem but I'm so happy all my bugs are gone.

The last levels work on were a little more of a jumble on purpose and the last note I got was that I needed to push it further but I like it this way.

the levels all finally have a space that feels like the design choice reflects how it felt to process my grief. at least a facsimile of it. moving from real-world areas like waiting rooms, or static homes to the land of the dead. it's this idea of ruminating on the concept of loss. the player is silent until the end because of their inability to deal with what's happening. avoiding confronting the truth of the change. in the end, you see a little photo of a child in a hood piggybacked on his older sister. the shapes reminiscent of the two main characters.

Current Questions


I really just have the one question of whether or not it's good. I've never spent so much time on a project and I'm someone who likes to not be working on something for this long or else I'll hate it. So I can tell if it's good or not.

Likely next steps

Next steps will be just getting my presentation ready. also updating my portfolio so people can download and play the game themselves!

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