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Animation and Level Design

Year 2, week 24 3/28/21 - Getting into the stuff I'm semi ok at

Current thesis thoughts:

After meeting with Maria and Scott to discuss my future work on my thesis I did feel a little bit more lost. Not because they made it harder but because I realize my thesis did focus less on death or emotional empathy. it was more focusing on creating interactive media that delved into "how things could be" that is too obtuse a thought however and I want to list out my work for them in order to find my place again. but with better wording.

Media list:

I don't really have media this time around but I do have media I've been looking for and not getting anywhere. I might have to ask the art library for some guidance but I want to look up journals or articles on. valuing trauma as a source of inspiration for creators. but not in support of it.

I want to look into the use of that argument as a method of coping. creative people don't need to suffer to be creative. I think it's creative people found ways to cope and one of those things was to create.


Honestly, I'm just stuck on putting my head down and doing the work. it might be a bad idea because it doesn't give me the ability to analyze my work process but I'd rather have something done right now and maybe look it over at the end rather than thinking as I work.

Which I guess is interesting to think about. I have to stop thinking about what I'm working on to make sure it's done.

Work was done and Choices made:

My current work is just making sure my Main character has some animation dedicated to them. I cranked out something I expected to be done around Monday but luckily I fell into a nice flow. The main character now has a fill animation cycle and it feels pretty flowy

Current Questions

My next questions are all around my thesis really is where am I going? I need to know that for sure and it's causing some familiar anxiety but it's manageable now.

Likely next steps

Next steps is animation. ANIMATE ANIMATE ANIMATE

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