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Decimations of information through design

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

YEAR 2, WEEK 3 - game as a method if information learning and Exploearion through experimentation.


currently, I am taking 2 classes in game design in which I am tackling smaller projects to understand core ideas, and what I can take away from game design is that it can operate as an independent collection of loops. And while that may sound like a criticism it’s where I think is one of the strengths of the medium. A Key learning aid is an idea that you can learn a new concept over repeated exposure to it and with that in mind if something like a narrative was ascribed to a loop could that help a person learn a storyline better or would that not work because of the lack of guidance of a strict narrative flow?

Shifting ideas:

Currently, I have several questions that were raised over the course of 3 weeks and the most prevalent is if the ephemeral aspects of a game could be used as, if stated crudely, as a vehicle of informal learning. Games have the ability to teach a player new skills over time and the ability to synthesis said skills into new ideas, however, that only amounts to in-game mechanics, at least that is where the limited understanding I have with space. However, as an entertainment designer, I am away that recreational media always has some form of subtext underwriting the rest of the story. Media used to engage a player on important issues or concepts may be where I could start, as the narrative design would help fill out or augment certain ideas (social issues, literary pieces, complex ideas).

Reading list

Rules of Play by Eric Zimmerman and Katie Salen

The Art of Game Design Book by Jesse Schell


As I am working with a group of 3 in one class and as an individual, in another, I do wonder what benefits come from either methodology. It would be more idea, (at least to me if I were a part of a group as I’m not exactly confident in where my work can live currency)

Ive also got to understand where it is I see my work existing. I know that I want these skills but perhaps I need something more solid.

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