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Year 3-Week 11-11.5.21- Making and Thinking are the same things in different colors

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Creation as an act of exploration

I have never thought of myself as a thinker. much to the chagrin of my previous educators, I don't like writing, the act itself feels so slow. and reading doubly so. it's for that reason that I'd rather attend creators' talk, or experience their creation and make inferences based on their decisions.

Funny enough I teach fledgling designers the exact process I hate doing myself. I think it's funny because I see the value in the process I just hate doing it. Writing has always felt like you're being punished for being productive. the tape at the end of the race, but you're not allowed to cut it, you have to carefully fold it up and them explain to it how many miles you've traveled and why, and how.

This is to say that While I write once a week about my process I find it hard to not just look at my work and think. I don't think this is enough work to merit a paragraph's worth of words. I always think it needs more and maybe that's not the right way to go about it. I forget a lot more than I create and if that't the case. my exploration might be for nothing. I was sitting here thinking "How did I manage to save this last time why isn't it working??"

game making

I always saw myself more on the aesthetic side of content generation. coding is a lot. it's not insurmountable but it's just a lot of work. and I was making assets to fill in these spaces I felt as if that is the of a piece. it's why games are made by teams and not one guy with a huge toolkit of skills. Like you can do that but it's not as fun I feel.

Now that I'm working on this piece, represented by these two pictures to the left. I wish I could collaborate. however, at this time all my cohorts and I have such disparate and time-consuming projects that there's no visible way we could. pitty. it was in the times I was working in teams that I felt the most capable. perhaps it's because working in a group you're weaker skills are covered by an expert. Or maybe it's just the relatively reliable feedback you get from your group.

but enough of that musing, I need to actually get down to working on what I need and I've developed a list of what that is. next steps. coding problems, as well as narrative vocabulary.


I need a lot of assets but I've whittled down my needs to the basics required of the narrative. I to add more detail as go, due to the fact not only has the white box not been generated, but the current white box is just a testbed for specific mechanics I hope to implement.

  • Main Character Model

  • Functional Inventory system

  • monster Model walking

  • monster model flying

  • NPC model - Sur Juana

    • Voice acting

  • NPC model - king of the dead

    • Voice acting

  • NPC- Model- Muse

    • Voice acting

  • NPC- Model- Goddes of the dead

    • Voice acting

  • Environment model - Cemetary

  • Environment model- River

Coding Issues.

This has always been an issue in coding, but in all honesty, I blame unity, it's a way of implementing some codes that just feel so roundabout that it turns one's brain into mush.

  • Dialogue system

  • inventory system

  • saving system


From a conversation with Maria way back, I found that it's important to develop a strict vocabulary. Making sure that the narrative sticks to these core words help emphasize the message of your work.

  • Land the dead - setting

  • The remembered - NPCs

  • The forgotten - Enemies

  • Corruption-Wrath (is anger bad? the narrative isn't on policing ones emotions it's on understanding where they come from)

  • Memento- Healing item

  • regret

  • remorse

  • Pity

  • Apathy

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