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Copy of Year 3-Week 13-11.19.21- Writing, Making, Sleeping

Gathering more references

I had actually had some issues with visualizing the concept of choice in my own work again. while I have had already done this I still fear it may balloon my design footprint

(however, the game designs classes I've taken are weekly intensives that have me producing build-ready games on a regular basis so I feel confident in my abilities.)

regardless of the fear I wanted to take a step back and look over other games that have utilized choice in a way that I have appreciated heavily as a player.

the choices of the Stanly parable

The Stanley parable is a 100% great reference for a fun story with, tight footprint. the number of assets generated for this game I could feasibly count on my hands if I had around 10 hands.

I would love to get into the designer's head of what were the decisions in making this game's set paths. it's entertaining but utilized next to no mechanics beyond walking. they don't even let you jump.

Production notes

in the Scotts Game design course, I decided to explore a final subset idea before I completely have a full idea of what I want my games interfacing to be. I want to explore what I could do with a guitar controller. coming into this project I initially thought about having a nontraditional interaction with the game. something that made the player have to physically engage with the game.

having the player use the guitar, not in a rhythm game feels silly but I had a thought. the interface is basically a functional controller. the player would have to learn a new way to interface with a space. would this discomfort be appealing? would it be rewarding? or would they want to skin me alive for making them participate in it? I want to find out.

Thesis writing

getting in the process now I realize more and more whats the narrative I want to tell in this project. my interests in games originated from their ability to elicit a response from the player. To me, it always looked more fulfilling than say a comic or a book. not because I see no value in them. But I myself am dyslexic, and when I started playing games I saw that narratives were referential to classics, or reimaginings. and while not 100% factual these narratives can make people more curious about further information. I could play God of war knowing precious little information about the greek gods and I'd walk away knowing names and general information.

and there's a whole slew of games that give this generalistic information. Dante's inferno, assassins creed, hades, and more.

but then there are just games that teach players about a concept just from playing with it. games like superliminal could teach spatial reasoning. the unfinished swan explores the concept of self-actualization. and so on.

I like games as a medium because it such a lovely vehicle for letting someone choose to engage with a concept. accessing information even more with choices made.

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