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Decimations of information through design

YEAR 2, WEEK 4 - Design documentation and process


In meeting with Scott Swearengen over the last few weeks I have come to the conclusion that one of my drawbacks in documentation is in its format. currently, my documentation is solely meant for the self and reformated in an attempt to best translate that information. however, I do not write with the intent to be read. Design documentation is now in my sights as a very real approach to understanding my own process not just from the standpoint of figuring out where I am from week to week but to have a concrete representation of a finished product or artifact. this idea that I could write with the intent of pedagogical interpretation is also something I'm slowly gaining a new grasp on through explorations in writings in my classes with Dr, Richarson, not only in breaking down complex readings on the importance of tone and perspective shifts but the idea that storytelling can be utilized in academic writings.


Over the summer I had worked on creating a game with Scott Swearengen with the intent of it being played with others over virtual communication. It was a successful first attempt and my ability to talk about it was fairly eloquent, however, I lacked the proper documentation that would adequately explain how I came to any sort of design documentation I would have thought was useful. as a result, I plan on using this time to reformat my documentation of said game into a format that can be easily consumed by an outside reader and designer.

In this brief introduction to game design, I focused on rendering out the best possible mode of communicating an idea with a smaller design footprint. As such this artifact would lend itself to a being the best model for design documentation as it allows for a smaller collection of documentation. the only issue is formating which I am currently in the initial stages of rendering out on paper.

Questions for the Week ahead:

What information do I need to relay to a reader to give them the best amount of information without undoing redundancies

what's the best method of collecting information to redistribute into a written document that I will not have access to in the future to give further context.

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