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Future and game design

Year 2, week 22 3/14/21 - narrative writing and exploration part II

Description of your 5-week project in 3 sentences or less

Examining the concept of death as a game narrative and mechanic from a Hispanic American perspective.

Summarize Feedback and Comments that you Received at your presentation.

There was a level of authenticity that was found in the project as well as a level of respect and care in my process. but the main issue that arose in the project's view was its pace and cadence. the methodology in gathering information and introspection seemed to inform the critiques of a smooth and methodical flow that wasn't present in the pace of the game.

Provide a self-critical reflection on your progress so far, include conclusions or new questions

I do think I should be farther ahead than I am no, however the feelings I have and the results I have are not the same. the feedback I've been getting from everyone is that I was successful in the level of work I have done. But looking at it, it all felt like I delved too much on introspective in design and no so much on the practice of design. and if I could restructure my summary or intent for the project I would have made may be more focused on starting with the research space and developing a cleaner methodology on information gathering, and then apply this in the next half of the project. however, that is just a desire to organize better.

Discuss what you have learned about your working pace, style, approach and how these make you productive or distract you from being productive, suggest ways you can address these in the next stage of work?

I've actually learned a lot from this project in a small amount of time, and side note I did get my summary of feedback in audio form and I learned that I do stutter a bit which I do want to fix for future presentations. when it comes to other learned aspects of my workflow I have found that I am pretty good about finding these spaces of importance in my own culture. touchpoints that have this unique quality to them that doesn't need to be done in a way that is homogenous with other media. if there was a bit of an issue in my methodology it'd be in my ability to prioritize workflows in both practice and process. I have so much writing from looking into the reference work for my game but I really wanted to make the game 100% done in 5 weeks. but now that I think about it that probably was a realistic expectation set on myself.

Provide a summary of what you think are the next logical steps and why

This project will be an extension of the previous 5 weeks of exploration. With mechanical values set there now needs to be a clear intent on their uses when it comes to the portrayal of both the narrative and aesthetics. Art will be the primary focus as well as the narrative and scripting process. The vocabulary list that was developed in the first 5 weeks will be implemented here through both in-game script and nomenclature of props and non-player characters.

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