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gradual process frustration

YEAR 2, WEEK 7 - Design inspiration and new ideas

Current thesis thoughts:

I feel like I'm not getting anywhere with this idea of teaching through game design, and I think it's because I'm not talking about it correctly even to myself, what I want is not so much to teach a skill or tactics but to teach a world view. that feels artsier than anything and it doesn't feel like it warrants any deeper thought. I want to write a story about being sad about the loss. in the hopes that people see it and find comfort in it. is that enough? is it enough to research all these stories about death and loss and how it affects people only to use that as jumping-off point for then talking about how one should feel? do I have that right as a creator?

Reading list:

Wallstreet Journal- I'm sorry I cannot kiss you-By Jennifer Levitz and Paul Berger


I came into this idea of making games that would help people. only to feel as if I am failing at it. not because I am leaning but because I feel that I am just currently only making things that make me happy. in this space it feels selfish to think about what I feel. but I will start with what I have worked on in the last week and move on from there.

Weeks work:

I had pitched this idea to my group with the idea of modifying a game of battleship to feel more like a game of rival hackers fighting. with new mechanics and aesthetics. it was my idea that making the game feel more this because of the limitation of the space, (the game had to be played digitally over a zoom call or something similar) I'm not a big fan of escapism. the act avoiding the reality as a means of coping. Rather I want people to recognize the absurdity of their reality and live in it with clarity. I have a meeting set up with a doctor from the student mental health services and I hope this will help me understand how to see this. BUT back to the game's design.

the mechanics were designed in such a way that the only mechanic that was leftover from battleship was the guessing of ship locations. the ship's designs were modified to make the game a little harder, and we were implemented other aspects in the game to make the players feel like they always had to make meaningful choices. this was done by adding bonus attacks and points for doing other tasks in-game.



this week felt a little awkward I don't think i advanced much at all. i think I need to talk to more people but the isolation of Covid is very real and I'm not sure how to fix that?

Media for thesis found/collected this week

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