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Interactive experience prototype: atmospheric design

YEAR 1, WEEK 14 - safe - 04.19.2020


So this whole week was getting to the point of making a working prototype that allows the viewer to experience a few instances of animated 3D sound. This discussion was actually a result of scaling back after realizing I can't make games in unity. and with 5 weeks I could provable set up a scene but there was no way I could have made a game without just taking someone else's design.

so what did I get out of this experience? a lot of backend work actually.

Unity has some new interfacing they are trying to implement, which lucky me, only a few people had started talking about. it's moving from originally supporting independent addons for VR to a mixed XR packaging system made for some minor headaches, but we persevere. fun enough I was able to learn a sizable chunk of workflow stuff, especially when it comes to file handling.

unity's support for blender is someone lackluster and without plugins, is very unstable, I was able to make my models move from blender to unity with all my nodes and materials intact, funny enough this is something a lot of people seem to be annoyed over.


Checklist of stuff

  1. interactivity

  2. VR ready

  3. 3d space and sound

  4. and capable of proving a meaningful experience?

  5. it works (this is the most important)

I actually got all down! except for 4. there is no quantifiable amount of choice in this space, it's just an environment, but it does create another space for a person to exist in. They can look around and observe some nice in-game animation.


This reference was a total godsend, I had no idea how to make my 3d sounds Dopler effect actually manifest in 3d but just one tiny button (after 2 hours of googling) later it worked.


I feel that I can't update anything more meaningfully in the last week here, but I do plan on asking people to look over the environment and give me some feedback, did it feel good? Was it enjoyable? (do you think it was a waste of time?) not really. but I feel the observation of what came out of this work is also important in it's outcome.

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