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Interactive experience prototype: Different Direction, Cool glowing place with nice sound

YEAR 1, WEEK 13 - safe - 04.12.2020


Huge reduction in goals as with all my ideas my reach exceeded my grasp. (for right now) and have honed my sights on a much more obtainable goal, A 3D VR landscape with 3d sound and small instances of interactivity, meant to feel calming or soothing. these types of games are usually referred to as sandboxes, as there might not be a linear progression but allow players a variety of choice and experience.


I talking with Maria Palazz, and game design professor Scott Swearengen I had come to the conclusion that making a full game would, of course, take a whole semester maybe more, especially since this is a growth area for me. instead, I need to make something that touches on.


VR ready

3d space and sound

and capable of proving a meaningful experience

it works (this is the most important)

I've been able to abandoned my old terrain in favor of the native terrain builder in unity, it's much more responsive and already has the interfacing I need to make it a playable landscape.


being that I'm scaling back I still need these references but I get to actually take closer care that they are usable

flashlights for horror

3d sound in unity


in the week to come, I'll just be focussing on making the game work properly and if that happens I'll add some real flourishes, like interactive grabbable objects that have small effects. that' really the only question i have right now is, if I can get it to work can I get to be fun as well?

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