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Interactive experience prototype: Light in the dark

YEAR 1, WEEK 11 - Trapped - 03.28.2020


As I started to generate work for this new project I was able to understand a few things just from a few hours of research, and with that, I plan on making a simple game as a foray in understanding a small sliver of not only unity, and time permitting Unreal, but working in virtual reality. I plan on making a simple red light green style game with an overlay of horror. it is also my intent to layer in a small tiny narrative that might entice the player to stay in the game. at the moment it just telling them the story of the monster that is stalking them.


I've chosen to start off by seeing if my models can move from blender to unity. why did I decide this?


Blender and unity are both free programs that are accessible to everyone, and with that, they have the lowest price of admittance. I hope to also see the possible process of a creator telling their own story using the most accessible tools out there, with exception to a computer strong enough to run these programs.

in just dipping my toes in unity I found that there are some huge issues, one the pipeline doesn't have a streamlined process yet, all the models lose their textures and nodes, unity and blender are constantly updating and as such sometimes don't align with one another. (which can just be ignored if you start on one project with two stable programs, but if you just come into it, you couldn't be blamed from seeing that these programs might just not like each other.)


I've actually collected a huge collection of references just for this process, surprisingly with all these documented issues and work around there still hasn't been a solution offered by developers but that's understandable given both programs robust capabilities.

optimized oculus and unity

how to import the nodes from blender into unity

setting up a basic game in blender


Current questions right now are actually how can I troubleshoot as quickly as possible from my VR headset to unity. and if I screw up on a model do I have to update one 3 things. and last I do wonder if I have a computer powerful enough to work on my game as time goes on, right not it isn't seem to mind, but I haven't started playing a game yet.

next week is just building my game environment and seeing if that will work 100% and if not scaling back and making something more friendly to a laptop.

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