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Level Breakthrough

Year 2, week 25 4/4/21 - New ideas in a time crunch

Current thesis thoughts:

Because of the stuff involved in my students work I was a little more busy than usual. while that's not an excuse for it I am a bit behind. but thanks to checking in with them about how they planned on moving forward with their work I was reminded that I don't need to have every aspect of my pieces 100% the way I wanted from the start I could just have my idea come through.

with that I decided that my work could take the narrative route in areas I felt bad about cutting.

and when it came to my thesis I think it exemplified that part of my ideas. storytelling meant to convey complex and heavy experiences to the player.

Media list:

Ivcevic Pringle, Zorana & Grossman, Eliana & Ranjan, Apara. (2020). Patterns of psychological vulnerabilities and resources in artists and nonartists.. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. 10.1037/aca0000309.

I found this interesting article that talked about the divergent ways artists and nonartists have psychological vulnerabilities. the argument stems that artists are more vulnerable than others when it comes to trauma. The conclusion the writer comes up with is a little obvious

"Are artists more prone to psychological vulnerability and even mental illness or is participation in the arts associated with psychological benefits and well-being? The best answer might be both, at least for some people. The question thus becomes what patterns of vulnerabilities and resources are characteristic of artists."

Basically are creative people vulnerable or do people use creative outlets to process trauma? turns out both?Niether? I'm not a fan of the article but perhaps its because of that answer. at the end of reading it I just went "Well I could have told you that?" but I guess that's what testing out a hypothesis is. you need data you can't just say things.

Yes creative people are vulnerable to mental health issues because there are a few mental health issues connected to creativity.

Healey, D., & Rucklidge, J. J. (2006). An investigation into the relationship among ADHD symptomatology, creativity, and neuropsychological functioning in children. Child Neuropsychology, 12(6), 421-438.

people with ADHD, are more likely to "daydream" people with depression also have times in which they ideate self harm. but that is where my interest in mental health ends. that doesn't mean anything it is my opinion that the brain just uses whatever tools it has at it's disposal when processing and if a person happens to be creative those tools are also there. I'm not a psychologist however nor do I aspire to be one. but it does bring up a lovely idea.

Trauma and art are integrally linked on a societal level. there are so many articles journals and books on the subject and some even make around the same argument I just made. at least based on their titles.

but what if I don't want that to be my work. what if this is just one flavor because it's the first steps I'm taking at introspection.


ANYWAYS back to my actual work, apologies for the tangent in my thesis but I'm really invested in finding out where I want to go.

this work I'm on right now is fixing up my levels and making sure they are functional again.

and they are!

I've gotten more of my story down and realised I had forgotten to add vital assets to my list which was audio accompaniment. with that I spent this week both working on integrating some art as well as my script and composing the music for each level.

Work was done and Choices made:

The results were pretty successful. look at these levels they are turning out well and my playtester (my partner) found it more and more engaging as I added more information. being that they are not unbiased I plan on asking a peer for input this week.

Current Questions

my current questions come from my meeting with Maria and it's what should I omit so I have a working product. right now I feel I can get everything done but I'm not careful that could quickly change so I'm ready to removing my last level if it means I have a full story.

Likely next steps

Next steps are just polishing and repeat. everything is working but I need to get it looking pretty for play!

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