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Steady as it goes

Year 2, week 26 4/11/21 - better narrative devices

Current thesis thoughts:

I have a meeting on Monday talking to my advisers about my thesis direction so I have started an outline of where I'm going because while I feel confident in where I'm going I'm not entirely sure how to say it. my direction is in the space of interactive narrative and using that to make a fun story that players can experience at their own pace. but where does that have the most impact. I've used the creation of media to explore personal issues with my own past as a way of sharing it in a safe manner that could be viewed in a personal lens.

writing about me but not making it about me was kind of this semesters' whole goal.

Media list:

Aside from the writing I've been doing for my outline all I've been working on is replacing the assets in my game currently there weren't any secondary sources I drew on this week.


SO I had so much input this week, 2 play tests and 1 designer feedback.

big notes,

  • the music feels too lively for the world. I'm not sure if that's a huge issue.

  • the character designs are cute, and feel engaging

  • the settings are sometimes hard to understand (not exactly sure how that works out)

  • the player could still stand to be slowed down a bit

  • in the narrative scenes there could be a few mechanics that help amplify feelings. (I've done a bit of that now but I think I want to expand on that a bit more)

Work was done and Choices made:

I've actually had so much fun making my levels start working more and more. it's basically all just finding the knots in wires and pulling them loose. there's something oddly satisfying about fixing little bugs and making something seamless.

Current Questions


is my work good?

what quantifies that?

does my game have to be complete to be successful? (yes)

Likely next steps

Next steps are just polishing and repeat. everything is working but I need to get it looking pretty for play!

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