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The self in design

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

YEAR 2, WEEK 13 - Designing for grief

Current thesis thoughts:

I want to talk about death because it's hard. This is the sentence that keeps resonating in my head. I want to talk about it because I think that my mixed background has a unique perspective.

Reading list:

Wallstreet Journal- I'm sorry I cannot kiss you-By Jennifer Levitz and Paul Berger


I've been working on several assignments all with the idea of loss in my head and as a result, I found myself placing myself in more and more of my work. this has been pretty revealing not only in how I think but also in what it means to create.

Weeks work:

as I work on my games I've experienced things like art and poetry something looser as a form of expression. this work is guided around my own feelings of loss and grief entered around suicide. while it is hard to think about these things the creation o the work feels freeing almost. as others look at the work they can be aware of the work but as a designer, it can be up to me how much I want that to be present in the work.

here the poetry is flipped but displayed prominently, as a result, the reader has to actually try and read the work an example of putting effort into someone and try to understand what they are saying. even then it has to be an exploration of what the meaning is. I think that's some of the strongest things hat come from narrative.



narrative doesn't have to be explicit in what it draws from. sometimes it just has to be inspired by the feeling. a sort of dog whistle to those who have felt the same. seeing that work will resonate with them but it's not the final outcome that matters. entertaining without harming could be key in areas that grief is involved. let people avoid the pain if they want, but if they don't if they are curious they should be rewarded, not punished.

Media for thesis found/collected this week

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