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Year 3-Week 10-10.29.21- Level, choice, Narrative Point of Delineation

What makes a good game

As I was working on the final roadmap for my game I mused on what points of delineation bring to a game that has a narrative. Games that require a player to adopt a role sometimes have no points of delineation in their narrative. there may be some brief instances where this is the case. however, as a whole nothing changes. there is no good ending or bad ending just a more fulfilled ending. Final fantasy's narrative is a testament to this. games like Hades and dungeon too which give you narrative in a piecemeal fashion let you make choices that ultimately have zero effect on the story. instead, you learn more about the characters or the world.

Is that what I want. opportunities not to alter the narrative but instead to inform the player more of the narrative.

altering narrative by giving players one that unfolds as they progress through. as if handing them a book but the pages are somewhere else.

Original map for context

I was having trouble coming up with a map that made sense to me so I moved to one that actually focused a bit more on points in which they'd be acted, and paths are taken to get there.

I want to get to make.

that's really the end of the thought, I feel I've explored the narrative and I could recite each section with confidence. I feel the itch to get started on filling out the world.

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