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Year 3-Week one-9.17.21- you can't be this dumb

This week's writing will be a bit more streamlined I'm aiming to give bullets here like really good topics of nailed down ideas.
It's been 4 hours, I have no nailed-down ideas. when I talk about my work it's equine for about the first 2 sentences and then I tangent into new ideas.

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by a magazine on Latin American people through the school and some cool things came out of me I wasn't aware I had.

  1. I have a chip on my shoulder about a lot of stuff and usually, that's where my ideas for making come from. I could be petty.

  2. I need to learn to stop about 4 sentences early because it makes me sound way smarter

  3. and I'm a verbal processor as I talk I know what I want more.

  4. Culture plays a big part in what I want to make because my target is someone I was back then. someone who lives on a cusp of cultural identity.

Poetics aside I think making stuff for me when I was younger isn't novel that's a lot of creators. BUT I know I'm just making things that I find important, but not so much fun, which I think is what i felt working on this game in Scott's game design course. a silly little walking sim where a ghost killed you in a warehouse.

novel? no but it was fun building that set, and getting the noises in there, seeing people get spooked and excited about my work.

  • I tried to get into contact with maria again this week I think I may be sending her messages at the wrong time I'll try again Friday morning.

today as I worked on my personal projects, I did find a weird glee in making monsters and hand this interesting conversation about escapism in "becoming the monster"

While this isn't my main idea. I am obsessed with the concept of narrative as a means of processing but I would wait to talk about that. maybe this is just some tiny tangent I can explore on my own time.

I think I just like making up new ideas to mess with my own flow

Right now I like making several new ideas that still apply to what I've made. because there was a bit of confusion between what I was saying and what I was excited about with scott

  • "I love making levels, it's so cool that I can guide the player to the final goal if I did it well"

  • "narrative is so malialbe in game design I can make the player assume whatever roll I want them too"

  • "I want to hand draw my game? I think. stry book sounds so nice and flowy, but that's just might be me itchy to start making"

  • "I might be in trouble"

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