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Year 3-Week three-9.25.21- Checking in Checking out


I had Checked in with Maria this week talking about a few key aspects of my career plans as well as the shape I wanted my thesis to take. here's a quick list of the topics touched on.

  • should be looking for a job now, hiring started around this time.

    • at least if I want an academic job

  • I should also be looking in industry, I have the portfolio for it

    • The biggest issue is a lack of confidence (I don't feel I have the body of work to be hired)

  • I have a lot of strength as a designer but my biggest hurdle is my problem with organization. it cuts my delivery at the knee and makes me sound like I don't know what I'm doing.

  • work on IRB for informal testing for my games

  • I don't need to decide on a project or paper just yet, but when I apply to graduate I'm stuck with the decision so be warned.

    • the names are bad and based on what the school named those tracks, in reality, it's based around where I want to spend my time researching just like Scott said. I just need to be less hung up on the naming structure.

  • need to update my CV

  • I should also ask deb for help creating references to my work both as an instructor and GTA.

  • i might find some joy in paid internship after graduating.

So those at the points made in our meeting it was pretty swell I had a lot of issues I didn't know I had with just things being named poorly, and I do agree my organizational skill has messed up the flow of most of my projects to some degree, and It might behoove me to look for outside help.

ASIDE FROM THAT let's get to the concept I'm focusing on for my thesis.

I need to talk to Scott about how I describe what I want to do again because I keep losing the summary of it when asked. why are great sentences so ephemeral?

putting that aside for now I actually did get the gist of what I wanted my games narrative to follow. and did a lil character designing between Tuesday and now and now

the narrative will be a reimaging of the Orpheus hades legend but following a rocker by the name of Eleena Who's muse has passed on to the afterlife. uninspired and angry that fate would do this to her Eleena challenges the sisters of fate three goddesses who watch over the world of the living, remembered and forgotten. to get her muse back. they allow this to happen to let her travel to the underworld for a brief time.

as she travels down to the underworld and here would be where laying out story beets would be helpful.

She will meet a guide. currently looking at "history's worst nun" Sor Juana. who was a genius poet of faith? She will help Eleena as the player guide.

guided through the world, Eleena is informed that her time is limited, if she stays she will become one of the "remembered" and be forced to stay. a shadow self begins to grow to start at their arm.

The first big interaction will be with the guardian of the border between the living and the remembered. 3 massive hairless dogs. she will fight it to subdue it. (think of alternatives?)

entering the city she will find its governor looking for her muse. a fairly old man who's well respected but is a little bit of a piece of shit . he will challenge her to a fight if he loses she will be given the information she needs. shadow self grows

she finds her muse in being sent to the land of the forgotten, and that it was her fault. being that muses are unknown only she would have the knowledge of who her muse was. sending her away forever.

(one of, in my opinion, the dumbest rules about the underworld but I'm taking liberties)

she could leave and save her that way, however, she refused and plans on pulling her out of the underworld entirely.

She will travel the border between the remembered and forgotten. and will fight fate to pull her muse out.

afterwords they will walk their way out and be stopped by the other sisters of the fate.

fight one guardian of the remembered, tells Eleena that they didn't actually expect her to succeed. that they thought she just needed time to process their loss.

the memory of life with their muse shadow almost all consumers Eleena

fight two guardians of the living. she explains to Eleena that death can't be reversed the muse would just come back forgetting her. (make sure to allude to this throughout the game)

the memory of Eleenas time with the muse

Eleena gets to the gate and their muse tells her they can't leave they don't want t to forget their life.

Eleena's shadow self rips herself out and fights the muse. the player becomes the muse trying to defend themselves from a timer

(there is a willingness to burn the things we love if it means we can keep them for longer)

Eleena steps in and fights herself. destroying the shadow.

Eleena apologizes and leaves. makes music referencing their muse so they can be remembered.

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