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Run is a current animation project.

Its focus is to, in an actual animation course, allow for the learning of tools needed for crafting a story in a 3D format more effectively. using things like lighting and sound. Lighting and motion are integral to storytelling and when using it to build tension, it can be very effective. 

The class's modular format of learning, however, allowed us to take special care of each aspect of the design of the animation over a period of 3 months. as a result, a more wholistic animated story should be achieved.

this pass-through was an attempt at looking at light's effects on a scene, unfortunately, the bioluminescent plants not only froze the program but it also didn't create the right narrative experience.

This character was the only one fully visible, the best think about horror is that not being able to see the "monster fully is" which lets you play with lighting and composition.

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