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Ambrosia is a short puzzle game based on the concept of post-apocalypse earth where humans are still around but their connection with technology has been altered.

the premise of the game's narrative is that the main character Tovala is venturing into the wooded city to find the mythical nectar of the gods.

Through exploration of the forest, the player encounters cameras that have become a part of nature, and malfunctioning drones, keeping them from reaching their goal.

In the end, the player reaches a can of peaches, the same ambrosia they were looking for.

The game was developed in collaboration between three people with varied backgrounds in game design. Two (Myself and Simone Downey) of which had extensive knowledge in design and one of which was more adept at Coding. We also were working in conjunction with artists from the Columbus College of Art and Design.

through this project, I was able to work more on the design side of a game. the only coding I had done was the characters walking and box interaction. I was in charge of animation, as well as character design and final asset art and integration.

I had set the tone for the art as well as the environment and composed music for the environments.

the goal of this project was again to get some experience working in conjunction with other designers and developing a rapport in which the translation of needs between design and coding can be generated.

The assets I was in charge of designing were all assets that were entered to move or be interacted with.

aspects of design that were needed to be considered or game design were contrast, detail, and harmony with space.

these aspects of the design helped guide our art collaborators from the Columbus College of Art and Design.

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