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Goodbye is a 3-minute interactive poem.

The poem itself was one that focused on the topic of grief and regret and was actually written for my mother but the topic was meant to relate to anyone listening to it. the video to the right plays the entire game from start to the end.

 below is the transcribed poem:

I am the abyss

Awash in the rain of remorse

Awake in all you miss

Aware of slightest force

Would be so cruel to know me

To absolve loss to oblivion

Too much to ask to be

Too far gone the decision

I am the void in your hearth

A faded scar on your resolve

Say to me what was your part

Pray tell and what it solves

Fear touched and empty

Walk amongst the shadows

Talk not of virtue gayly

You have forfeited your laurels

Tired and alone

Consumed by grief and loss

Conflate to suffer and atone

Confused in murky gloss

Remember to breathe

Hard at first then easy

Remember to cry

In pain at first then joy

This game was an introductory exploration on learning C#, as well as developing narratives for games. while I struggle to call this project a game, it can however be best described as an interactive poem. 

It raised the question, what makes a game a game, and whether or not that distinction matters in the end.

This character's design has most detailed characteristics obscured to allow the player more ease of projection. removing base characteristics such as gender presentation, age, and skin tone allow for ambiguity.

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