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Gotta Get it Done, but also what if I do something else

YEAR 1, WEEK 3 - Lost Words - 02.01.2020


SO! I've actually been having a bit of trouble getting timing down so the animation I'm making doesn't come out looking weird or freaky, and for the longest time i saw it going to fast until I realized my animation software starts off rendering at 30 frames per second, that's not where I thought it was so that was a fun trouble shooting issue. NOW I have 10 more seconds of animation to work on as well as some basic editing and then compiling everything down onto its final video.


I actually had a pretty rough week health wise and it messed with my ability to work on anything, and because I'm not a fan of using that as an excuse I'm not going to. I can and will get my work done, but it being so close to the deadline does make me a bit itchy but I will manage. I'm now cycling between working on my project proposal and animating

at the same time, when my eyes got tired looking at the same bird I went to right and when I got annoyed writing I went back to drawing ore heron poses.


I've just been gathering references for my proposal this week. my animation has as many references as it was going to have and now I'm on my ideas for making horror for people who like looking for horror. and then I stumbled on this horror researcher, and I was supersized his Ted talk sounded like exactly like he understood what I sought out in horror. along with that I began to look up references on horror Vs terror and found out that there's no clear definition it moves from author to author and it all depends on who's writing you like. In all honesty I didn't much agree with a lot of the authors. Stephen king said if he couldn't terrify you he'd horrify you and if he couldn't do that he'd gross you out, stating he had no shame, and I took issue with this. There are huge swashes of his works that are gross and now I understood he didn't care about his reader, just that he got them to feel bad. it doesn't bode well for what I want to use horror for, but I'll trudge on. perhaps looking into Jordan Peele.


I really only have one question and I know it's not very well articulated, but this is it. Am I in over my head, have I decided to do too much or even is what I'm doing worth any energy. I might take a while to reassess the validity of what I'm doing and why, but I do plan on working on it. in the end I need to make, and if this is a failure then I can make something else.

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