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"Lost Words" Heron Update

YEAR 1, WEEK 2 - Lost Words - 01.18.2020


My main goal for the week was to have the rough animatic finished as well as the finalized background animated and ready for processing. the original assets were a bit too rough for the feeling I wanted and the final one is much more in line with what I needed it for. now all I need to do is segment in the audio in between now and Tuesday. I'm actually not sure if my voice is meant for the visuals I created but that gives I might play around with it a bit more after the whole thing is processed.


I can see things more in terms of time as to what is needed to get the motion across, in a comic I could do the exact same amount of storytelling with a least 3 panels, but this animation may require at base 16 keyframes.

It's not that hard to think about animating on separate layers like you're supposed to do in animation as this is how I already think, but in terms of knowing what parts of the animation needs to be in motion and what takes away from the piece, I'm still lost on and might need to analyze this a bit more.

I've decided that the background is as good as it gets if I want to have a finished product, yes there's more things I wanted to add but I want to spend my next week just animating the Heron.


I've been now just looking at videos of herons fishing, their movements are very quick and fluid and in studying that I feel that having an after image of their feathers left behind would add the feeling of fluidity in animation.

Because of that, I realized I could call on aspects of "The Dance" animation, its line follow arcs and trail behind the motion of the characters.

CURRENT QUESTIONS AND THE WEEK AHEAD: I'm kind of antsy about getting to work on campus. Currently, I make assets at home and edit at the campus. On one hand, it's working RIGHT NOW, but there's always a chance that my current method of doing work will catch up to me. If worse comes to worse, either I should learn to just use the programs available at the school or maybe purchase more hardware for myself.

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