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"Lost Words" Heron Update 2

YEAR 1, WEEK 2 - Lost Words - 01.26.2020


I actually spent the break trying to fix my background animation to make it feel more cohesive and calm. I didn't take into account that the tone I was aiming for required more subtle motion in part of the work around the subject, that being said I'm still not done and now I find that I want to replace the final script with new words. My major decision moving ahead is that I have to decide at some point to leave the background alone so I can get to work on my last bit of work animating.


I actually attempted to use Photoshop and tv paint in attempts to expedite my ability to make content for this animation but with the timeframe we have, I quickly found that its interface will take some time to feel competent in, at least enough that the work there will make up for the lost time rendering. however, I found out that while on campus I can do all the editing needed for it, and luckily the amount of studio time I have on campus is JUST enough to get the editing I need done.


This animation shown in class was actually a really good reference for the motion of a bird's wings. I've been calling back to it over and over to look at what I can take for the motion of my heron. Aside from that, I haven't really been calling back to anything else. I feel I should be but I'm more focusing on getting stuff done.


being that I'm finally seeing the vector of my process I am looking into the future projects, the animation feels like more a mechanical process than I'm used too, but it might be because I've less inclined to animate. that being said is that my future project might have aspects of animation applied to it this process really helps et my feet wet, so here's hoping I get used to it more and more.

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