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The shadows that live in the corner of your eyes

YEAR 1, WEEK 5 - Click - 02.16.2020


So after many bits of writing issues, with writing a proposal I'm now working on the story animatic for a Lil thesis exploration. I will be doing this in blender using some interesting things you can only get on Blender (and really expensive 3D modeling programs like Houdini), like auto architecture tools and material libraries to get my assets down lickidy split.

unfortunately, I had a bit of drama with my workflow, not for any other reason that Dyslexia is a real pain and I had to complete what felt like at the time a Sisyphusian task. That's neither here nor there, however, what I'm on right now is an animation idea I had when I let my foot dangle over the bed and was filled with an intense sense of dread and my mind began to conjure up horrible images of cruel monsters out to get me. So I decided an animation about that would be cool.


I'm going, to be honest, this was a week of bad choices. I modeled some really bad bodies and put off fixing them for a while because I was stuck on writing (which was new for me so that's cool). I'm now looking into methods that can cut my production time in half if I can help it and maybe even work at altering my understanding about what is and isn't a success.

I'll never have both finished projects this month, is something I have to tell myself again and again when I think about the prototype for a card game I wanted to make that was going to be connected to the visuals of this animation, but that will have to be back burnered because I'm totally not on time with my deadlines and I need to get back to where I want to be.

so things done and to be excited about;


character designs

things left to do;





So because this animation touches on a very real personal fear I have no reference to draw on persay because I know it will actually get in the way of working and there are horror shorts I have watched that have left chills down my spine on youtube I cannot draw up right now because headspace has to be just right but I did find something silly that still capture the feeling of what I want to do.


A rhetorical question I'm asking myself is "why did I think I could do this level of work in such a short time?" the answer, I don't know how long 3D animation takes, and this crashing and burning is a very real reminder that I am in a new field entirely. actually question for the road ahead are what is it I need to make to feel satisfied with the amount of work I put in, can I create rooms that look believable if I don't model the whole house? and finally. How can I make sure it's spooky and cooky. this is where I'm at right now at least. I'm focusing on modeling right now so maybe in a week I'll come back with a massive pile of pipeline questions. OH and I figured out what IKs are so that's neat! not really a question but now I get why 3D animations don't look the same as stop motion animation.

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