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The shadows that live in the corner of your eyes: Break Time Deadline

YEAR 1, WEEK 8 - Click - 03.21.2020


This week was all about animating and rendering, and it was a bit of a slog. The process isn't what I'm used to and just going into it wasn't something I was ready for real. When rendering from blender it took a while to create the images I wanted, one cool thing about blender though, when I see something in its viewport, that's usually what I'll get in my render. still rendering out an image was something I learned was just good practice. in animating the little bits I had, I got a really good workflow going, the best thing about 3D is once you have the assets, you just have them. yeah the creation bit is a drag but if you make all of it, you're all set, just make your animation and done!


I made something really cool (at least to me). I wanted to feel this sense of dread because it wasn't done, and honestly, I really do still, but I'm planning on working all break and making up for lost time. anyways I did a bit of preliminary animating and rendered out what I had, and it didn't look bad. Don't get me wrong, it still looked like a beginner's work but it's a growth area I'm looking to invest a lot in, at least on my own time. After this, I'm actually thinking about looking into AR per Shadrics pointing out that I should attempt something like that if that's something I have an interest in my thesis.

audio's bad, timing is off and there seems to be a slew of issues I thought I dealt with my first time around. But I can improve as I go that's the point of this process after all.


So I was looking into rendering capabilities of rendering in blender that was akin to Maya's Arnold. and Cycles was where I could lean into, however, in the first few seconds of this persons tutorial, Cycles is explained as a physical-based rendering interface that is great for rendering realistic-looking images, but it also can be used for higher resolution animations but this is not my target. Because of this, I have opted for just sticking to the Blenders Eevee interface.


The only questions I have right now is how I can do lighting and sound for this animation for the final push this week. because of that, I'm doing a final dive into tutorials for animation. I plan on learning as I go, and the high tension is both stressful and invigorating. I will make a plausibly good animation, and it will have a good sound that is my goal.

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