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The shadows that live in the corner of your eyes: Break Time Deadline 2

YEAR 1, WEEK 10 - Click - 03.21.2020


So an interesting thing happened and documentation of the events around me and how that affects my workflow feels prudent. so during the break from classes, I had to head home to visit my family and had I known now traveling was going to be a big thing I wouldn't have done it, and as I traveled how I lost some key time to work on my animation, that being said, I did get pretty far and I intend to get just a little bit father thanks to some much-needed feedback from my advisor.


I've actually spent most of the break creating a home environment for work, not a lot of digital work was done as I was trying to make sure I had the power to make things work over the quarantine. Good news is I had a computer that was almost as powerful as the ones in the school's labs, bad news is it's rendering time is that of a single computer and not of 4 separate ones, which is how I was able to render so quickly before, (a fact nobody told me about 3d animation and was a cool thing to find out, a headache but still cool.)


Fun thing I found over the week was a way to render my project, while research render times and speeds and how to make that process not take as long all while working on the same computer that slows down over render times which hurts my productivity. turns out there's a free render farm out there that helps people make their animations along. I'm not sure how usable it will be over the course of the pandemic, but I'll be working with Sheepit from this point on to make sure I can work.


Current questions right now are based around my ideas for my second prototype project and wonder if I actually do have the processing power to make something work in VR. as I was hoping to make a small horror experience using the oculus rift and unity. I have a gaming laptop but I also don't have the most powerful one. So now I'm wondering if I should scale back and look into different project plans or maybe revisiting older ideas to make them happen.

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