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The shadows that live in the corner of your eyes: Learning from (failing) Doing

YEAR 1, WEEK 7 - Click - 03.21.2020


I think that this project I've been working on was a great experience for understanding my own pipeline and issues with animation. So my approach has gone from a more idealistic outlook of how well I work in a new setting to a more realistic one. I've accepted that I cannot make an amazing animation with good 3D models I made and hand-painted textures in 5 weeks, but I can make 1/3 of a mediocre one to understand the process. This is was a learning exercise aftareall and I have learned a lot, but my ego is severely bruised. Oh well, we accept the problems reassess and readjust. this last week I've decided to work on the first scene of my animation and making sure it works before I move forward.


Deciding to jettison all my work for a later date and focusing on one slice of the whole is my new decision for this project, it raises my likelihood of having a finished piece to actually look over exponentially. in the future however I plan to not spend so much time on one asset over and over again. because while I find myself enjoying the modeling process, that's not a project, just a really pretty asset. however, I do have the background for one scene and it looks pretty good all things considered.

everything looks like it's taken out an old house with dated wallpaper which is exactly what I wanted. also I was able to add controllers to a fridge and make it work like on in animation so that will help for later!


This doesn't really affect m writing now, only because I have a week left and the story is done. so instead I'll work on my writing later, bit this week was filled with more and more ways to fix the way I see horror as a genre. I've attended a talk, at the advisement of Maria, which proved to be very useful in how I orient myself in writing. I wanted to make something horror-related while sticking to story beets already established, I wasn't contributing anything just following a narrative structure already established by people before me. I was also given a book that lists out some great horror stories.


I've got only one question an that was can I make at least one working scene by Friday and that will be answered then and there, I've got my hopes pretty high, but considering this is the first time I've done something like this I've already done more than I ever thought I could. but I'd love for it to be so much more.

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